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Inventory Solutions

Inventory can become a headache if not controlled. Even organisations with clearly defended purchasing and inventory management policies, can find their inventory holding creep upwards. Inventory creep not only impacts cash flow, but erodes customer satisfaction through the increased risk of picking errors, rework, returns and obsolescence.

Supply Chain Visibility

End-to-end supply chain data and alert visibility, enables manufacturers, importers and exports, independent, real-time, accurate information on the global position and condition of their cargo. This level of data permits lead-time reduction, reduced inventory holding and greater supply chain harmony.

Inventory Review

Working in partnership with a client, a detailed review of current inventory management practices is conducted. This review involves interviews, observations and data gathering, at the client’s premises, and analysis of findings off site. The reviews findings and recommendations are discussed to agree corrective actions. Reviews are tailored to meet each client’s individual requirements, with timeframe and scope agreed during the initial consultation.

Inventory Management

  • Are you getting the most from your inventory management?

  • Would you like to introduce standard operating processes?

  • Do you want to reduce errors, returns and obsolescence?

  • Are you considering Kan Ban or Vendor Managed Inventory solutions?

Lean Inventory assists clients enhance inventory management, by providing independent practical inventory experience and knowledge

Coaching & Training

From inventory best practice introduction, to more specific hands-on training, each course is designed to meet the client’s specific needs. Investing in people and increasing awareness of good inventory management, enhances operational productivity and creates customer value. 

Lean Introduction

Most people will have heard of lean, and of the benefits lean brings. However, did you know that lean is more than just a set of tools? Before embarking on a lean journey, why not let me answer any questions you may have.

Lean Inventory

What is Lean Inventory? By incorporating lean principles and tools, into everyday inventory management practices, organisations can benefit from reduced errors, rework, returns and obsolescence. Through greater engagement, staff are encouraged to seek continuous improvements optimise resources and reduce inventory.

Vendor Mananaged Inventory

Ever thought of outsourcing your inventory management to a 3rd party? Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions take inventory off the balance sheet, by introducing a 'purchase as consumed' inventory model. However, outsourcing inventory is not without dangers. Selecting the right partner and insuring that the service level agreement meets your requirement, are crucial. Offering independent advice and assistance, Ray will ensure you find the correct VMI solutions.

Inventory Strategy

An inventory strategy, with clear and achievable goals is vital in today’s competitive marketplace. However, defining a deliverable inventory strategy can be challenging. Ray works with clients, to develop an inventory strategy tailored to a client’s unique operational requirements. By setting clear and achievable KPI's, our clients encourage best practice and ultimately inventory reductions.

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