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Cargo Monitoring in real-time, globally

Uncertainty in a supply chain creates undesirable consequences for all parties involved. Inaccurate lead-times, increased inventory levels and production stoppages, are but some of the effects that supply chain ambiguity brings. When product security, temperature, humidity and fragility are added to the supply chain equation, the effects can be exacerbated further, with non-conformance only being identified during receipt at the customer’s premises. These interruptions to the smooth flow of products, prevent timely corrective actions, culminating in reduced customer satisfaction.

Arviem’s unique pay-as-you-go Cargo Monitoring system allows clients to supervise shipments globally in real-time, without the need for upfront capital investment. Using a cloud based software and IOT technology, clients can monitor data on their cargos progress globally irrespective of its mode of transport, in real-time.

Real-time data visibility

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Real-time Alerts

Unprecedented real-time supply chain data visibility brings additional benefits for clients. Using Arviem’s IOT technology clients will now be automatically alerted when their cargo’s security is breached or when specified parameters are compromised, e.g. temperature, humidity, shock or route deviations. Having this level of supply chain information at your fingertips, permits clients for the first-time to take immediate corrective actions when necessary, even when their cargo is in transit.

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Carbon Footprint Calculations

End-to-end supply chain data gathered by Arviem’s IOT technology, permits accurate carbon footprint calculations to be attained. Using in-depth data analysis of client’s cargos route, distance, speed, weight and mode of transport, each shipments carbon footprint can be compared, challenged and continuously improved. This level of data assists clients meet the highest environmental standards in there quest to attain a leaner and greener supply chain.     

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